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OrthoGen® is a software program that streamlines projects by automating orthographic drawing production by eliminating repetitive tasks, pin-pointing plant objects and locations, protecting data integrity, sharing drawings and data, and producing fast-consistent design drawings. Automatic drawings generated from 3D models are created in a fraction of the time previously spent and they accurately and consistently reflect model conditions.



•    Fast accurate labeling and updating of section names or member names
•    Automatic Offset Dimensions
•    Capable of labeling from multiple reference standards
•    Long Names /  Short Names

Routes(Pipe, HVAC, or CAbleway)

•    User defined label formats
•    Route “Labeling Modes” include everything from 1 label per unique Route Label to a label for every section of Route straight
•    Filter on Pipeline
•    Automatically places BOP, Invert or CL elevations
•    Sloped segments labeled with “SLOPED” or with the percent of slope, slope ratio or percent slope
•    Generates BOP labels where sloped line cross match lines

instrument / electrical

•    Labels in-line and off-line instruments
•    Handles multiple tag formats
•    Automatic instrument List report
•    Add/strip unit prefixes on instrument  tags
•    External  access to SPI data for placing labels & implied instruments


•    Labels can be placed on the interior or exterior of the view
•    Places equipment number and optionally descriptions
•    Labels Nozzle orientations with tags and angles

simple user interface

OrthoGen has a new simple user interface.  OrthoGen 22 is designed to be used in multi languages with AutoCAD or MicroStation and works with Smart 3D, PDS and CADWorx, Plant 3D, ESAPro, or OptiPlant plant design models. 

Now also works for BIM inside Revit and can extract Revit Sheets to AutoCAD for detailing.

Pre-Defined Drawing Styles:

OrthoGen is delivered with many sample styles for all disciplines. Styles can be easily created and customized to project standards.  Styles can be saved/loaded from “INI files”.

style editor

Styles are created as INI files and managed in a simple Discipline-Annotation Style folder structure.  Using the Style Editor you have access to all OrthoGen settings and options. This allows for detailed customization without programming.

Tel. 281-489-8885

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