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As Revit models become more and more “Industrial”, the task of keeping the drawings in sync with model revisions is mounting. The ability to run an “Update” on a set of sheets that will reflect all model changes on Layout drawings is crucial. At this scale placing labels and dimensions by picking objects one at a time is too time consuming and introduces the possibility for errors.

Our interface with Revit allows you to use the same technology that has been used in Plant Design for 25 years.


  • OrthoGen runs “Side by Side” with Revit.

  • You can place Tags as Text Notes or Revit Tags both using Revit Families.

  • You can place Tags as Text Notes or Revit Tags in the sheet or in the view.

  • No more non-hosted tags.

  • OrthoGen removes and re-places all tags and dimensions on each Update.

  • OrthoGen “Remembers” Tag re-positioning work between Updates.

  • OrthoGen Makes Piping BOPs and Invert Elevations easy.

  • Slope labels can be defined as part of the Tag, percent, ratio, or angle.

  • Easily Define Enclosures for Tags.

  • Enclosures are Sized to “Fit” the label.

  • You can place multiple tags on single host.

  • Tag Ducts with Sizes and then Tag again using a different “Labeling Method” creating separate BOP label.

  • Labels for objects that are not completely in the view are placed on the view, not out in space.

OrthoGen for Revit


Cable Tray

Sample PDFs

Cable Tray
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