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iOrthoGen builds on OrthoGen’s multi-discipline annotation with iOrthoGen’s interactive model clipping capability. Drawing view volumes and orientations are defined interactively and instantly annotated with desired discipline information. iOrthoGen’s simple interface and portable dataset allows it to be used by anyone, anywhere.

With this interactive volume definitions and instant annotation capability, drawings can be extracted virtually anywhere and by users with very little user training.  In addition to being used for “formal” drawing production in the design office, iOrthoGen data sets can easily be taken to the construction site or module yard. 


  • Powerful and easy to learn and use.

  • 3D Model Data sets are portable and stand-alone.

  • Supports Data sets from PDS® and S3D®

  • 3D Model Data set load times are extremely fast.

  • Annotates detailed information for any discipline.

  • Built on MicroStation v8i.

  • Built on OrthoGen Version 9 annotation engine.

  • Any view, any discipline “On Demand”

  • Create saved drawings that can updated and embellished

  • 3DSfilter allows for easy creation of “System” drawings.

  • Annotated 3D PDF’s.

  • Places labels in true 3D

  • Dimensions in 3D using “plumb bobs”

  • Powerful viewer and rendering

  • Each time view is defined,the border centers on the view

Using iOrthoGen’s model clipping controls, you can annotate any part of the model without having to create any drawing files first.  Three views are displayed on the screen along with the iOrthoGen form.  The first view is a plan view of the model and the second is an elevation view selected by the user, which can either be a north, south, east, or west view.  The third view is used to annotate desired information and is able to be viewed in any orientation such as plan, north, east, etc. 


iOrthoGen’s can place labels in true 3 dimensional locations. 3D annotated views can be printed to 3D PDF’s files

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